Information for a customer

Company history and activities
The manufacturer guarantees the Customer a high-quality and properly-working product provided that the piece of furniture was used according to its purpose.
General provisions.
1. Natural run-out of the product or the modification of its features is not considered the absence of the quality of the items. The inequalities of the texture and colour of natural wood are not considered the absence of the quality of the items.
2. If the Customer does not allow the Manufacturer eliminating the defect or refuses providing the piece of furniture (or its part) for repair in the factory, it is treated that the Customer withdraws the right of free guarantee service provided in this guarantee card.
3. The manufacturer is not responsible for the defects of the item which were discussed in the agreement or the Customer knew or had to know about which when purchasing the piece of furniture (pieces of furniture from the exposition, defective furniture, etc.)
4. Customer’s responsibilities during the acceptance of the furniture:
4.1. To check their gathering:
4.2. To inspect the exterior of the furniture (furniture facades, the colour of decorative wood, etc.) for any visible mechanical violations or other defects;
4.3. To require demonstrating its mechanical operation and to try the furniture;
4.4. In case of any defects found, to show them to the workers who delivered the furniture. Later, the claims for unnoticed external violations will not be accepted;
5. At the moment of taking the items from the Seller’s warehouse, the Customer is supposed to inspect the quality and the state of the items before accepting it. The claims for the quality of the item (external abrasions, lacerations, breakings and violations of other nature, emerging during the transportation/assembling/carrying due to the Customer’s actions after the acceptance of the item), are not accepted from the Customer after the acceptance of the item from the Seller’s warehouse and this would not be the guarantee for the piece of furniture.
6. The Customer is deprived of the right of free guarantee service in the following cases:
6.1. Does not provide the agreement of furniture purchase, the receipt or other documents proving the purchase;
6.2. The Customer did not observe the rules of furniture exploitation and maintenance; the items were transported, exploited improperly or were damaged mechanically at the Customer’s fault.
6.3. The furniture was damaged because of “Force majeure” (emerging factors of irresistible force);
6.4. The furniture was poured over with water or other liquid
6.5. The furniture suffered from the pets
6.5. The furniture was repaired by the Customer or third parties.
6.6. Furniture panels suffered from improper cleaning procedures
7. Avastata, UAB does not provide the guarantee for the following furniture components:
7.1. Illuminators and transformers;
7.2. Fragile materials (glass, artificial materials, etc.).
8. Natural features are not considered the absence of the quality of the items:
8.1. Natural run-out and discolouration of the item
8.2. Deviation of colour differences. Colour differences of the sample during the purchase and those of the end-product can differ. There is no absolute guarantee because of painting technologies that the colour of the sample will fully match the colour of the end-product.